Fiberguide-Brochure300Nothing beats the flexibility of advanced 3D product visualization. These photo-realistic renderings of your product offer key advantages to your development process before taking your product through manufacturing. Showcase your product's strengths to product review boards and production meetings, gain critical consumer feedback and discover, through multiple product iterations, which design is the perfect one.

Once your 3D designs are finished, we can easily take your models through all your advertising and marketing/sales needs. From high resolution print to web, multimedia or HD presentations, your company can re-purpose the digital assets to quickly and effectively create professional images and even animation for whatever your campaign calls for. TBG's 3D services are used in in product presentations, sales, advertising and marketing.

From early concept renderings all the way through high glossy print ads and animation, TBG is your valued 3D digital partner. Our philosophy is "advertising should make a fortune; not cost one." Call us today and find out how we can enhance your product visualization, and make your products work for you.

3D product illustration and visualization starts in the 2D world, with your product labels and graphic design. With over 20 years worth of traditional graphic design behind us, we can accommodate any print and design needs. From trade show graphics and event posters, to product brochures and print ads, our graphic art department is second to none in traditional print design.

3D illustration, animation, graphic design and writing/editing under one roof?

The short answer is, Yes! Our clients find it refreshing and easy to have all this capability in one company. Our robust capabilities ensures that we can easily move your 3D assets from print to web, to multimedia and back again, saving you time and money.

3D design is not just for advanced animation and illustration, you can find added value in the flexibility of 3D design in practically every aspect of your regular communication, marketing and advertising channels:

logo design and re-vitalizig your brand creating ID spots for presentations showcasing your product line updating graphics and charts with high-impact visuals trading out tired and cliched stock images with new brand-centric illustrations.

With so many avenues where custom 3D illustration can help your company better position itself in the market place and create more demand for your product, what are you waiting for? Contact TBG today and let them set your marketing on fire!

3D Product Gallery

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