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Fiberguide-Brochure300Technical illustration is the heart and sole of illustrators. From exploded views and cutaways to complex system integration, TBG can deliver just the right look and rendering style from our custom-developed 3D assets. No need to worry about incorrect perspective and camera angle, with our 3D technical illustrations, we get it right every time.

Detail oriented (or not as the case may be). Often the amount of detail makes or breaks a successful illustration. With over 20 years of illustration and design, TBG knows when and where to enhance your illustrations for maximum effect. We also know that while "technically" it's an "illustration," it's also your brand. And in a very real sense -- advertising. We make everything we do have maximum impact and lasting value.

We can provide our clients with a variety of digital assets, from final renderings to vector artwork, encompassing almost any style. We can also work in reverse, converting 3D models to line drawings.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, the right illustration is worth a thousand pictures. Click the thumbnail images below to download PDF examples. Note, the resolution in the PDF files are smaller than they would be for a regular print file.

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Often companies already have a wealth of older assets and need to update them for a more modern look. One of our most common 2D conversion request is to convert existing brand assets, like your logo, into fully three dimensional objects for updating your print or creating custom branding animations. Done right, your logo often needs custom 3D modeling, rather than simple extrusions. Your brand is important, so let the professionals at TBG help bring your logo into the modern age of 3D illustration and animation.

Another area you may want to update is your out-of-date cutaway illustrations or exploded product views. If all you have are 10 year old line drawings of an outdated product, no problem. TBG can take practically any existing 2D drawing, photo and napkin sketch and turn into a picture-perfect rendering. Don't need photo-realistic renders, but line drawings instead? We can do that, too. Whatever your marketing and advertising needs are, TBG can deliver professional 2D to 3D conversions.

Let the fun begin!

Example: Brand ID animation for corporate video.

lightbulbNeed even more professional 3D services for your marketing and advertising needs? Look no farther. Here's a quick list to point you in the right direction.

Architectural and real estate 3D services


Product Visualization

Dental Illustration


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